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Legal Help With Workers’ Compensation In Southside Virginia

As part of our larger personal injury law practice, the law firm of Carter Craig represents injured workers in their claims for workers’ compensation. Our attorneys can help you secure your full benefits or assert your rights if your employer or the insurer is trying to terminate your claim.

We handle Virginia workers’ compensation in Danville, Pittsylvania County and surrounding Southside communities. Reach out at 866-605-6017 to arrange a free consultation.

Experienced Advocates For Injured Workers

If you have been injured on the job, you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation to cover your medical treatment and lost wages. The workers’ compensation system, while designed to aid injured workers, can be complex, with confusing rules about the steps required to qualify for benefits. It is certainly a wise idea to consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for advice if you are filing or a workers’ compensation claim or appealing a denied claim.

Getting legal advice is especially important if:

  • Your medical claim is complex
  • You are turned down for surgery or other needed treatment
  • Your employer disputes the severity of your injuries
  • Your employer wants you to return to work sooner than your doctor believes is healthy
  • You had a prior injury or existing medical condition
  • You are considering taking a lump sum payout of your workers’ compensation benefits.

In all these situations, a workers’ compensation lawyer can review your case to protect your rights and ensure you are getting all the benefits you deserve.

Get Skilled Representation From Local Attorneys

At Carter Craig, we work hard to provide quality representation to our clients seeking worker’s compensation and social security disability benefits. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Danville, directly across from the Danville City Hall. In addition to our standard weekday business hours, we offer evening and weekend appointments as needed.

If you have questions about workers’ compensation, contact our offices today for a free and confidential consultation. Call us toll-free at 866-605-6017, or contact us online.