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University freshman killed in single-car accident in Virginia

College freshman in Virginia and around the country typically have their entire lives before them. As they begin their college careers, their primary concerns are often class schedules, studying and having some fun. The prospect of dying in an accident rarely, if ever, crosses their minds. Even so, thousands of college students die each year in auto accidents caused by a variety of reasons, including distracted driving and impairment.

Man escapes with life after frightening train-car collision

Many Danville residents may see railroad crossings and think that collisions at these intersections are rare. To be fair, they are quite uncommon; but they aren't as infrequent as you may think. For example, in the state of Virginia there have been 21 collisions and one death at railroad crossings this year.

Proposal by OSHA would have safety reports available to public

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will propose a major change to the way workplaces and employers would report any accidents or health-related mishaps on their premises. The potential rule would force companies with at least 250 employees to file an electronic report to OSHA every quarter (there are roughly 38,000 employers that fulfill this condition), while companies with at least 20 employees (and other employers who work in high risk industries) would have to file the same electronic report once per year.