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Unexpected object crashes down on driver, killing him

Virginia drivers can account for several different types of obstacles while driving. However, there are times when an obstacle is so completely unexpected that it is not possible to prepare for it as it crashes into an unsuspecting driver. This is what happened to one driver as he was heading south on Interstate 95 on Jan. 24.

Rollover crash kills Virginia teen, 15, in Bedford County

Some Virginia teenagers believe that since they obtained a driver's license, they know how to drive. However, many do not possess enough skill to understand how a vehicle reacts under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, their inexperience and overconfidence can lead to devastating consequences if a car crash results.

Police chase ends with fatalities in Virginia

A police chase always presents an element of danger to everyone involved and/or to others in or near the roadway. Illustrating this fact is a police chase that began in a neighboring state and ended in tragedy in Virginia. The pursued vehicle crossed into the state and caused a head-no accident resulting in fatalities. The investigation is ongoing.

Multi-vehicle accident leads to death, injuries in Virginia

A person says goodbye to family members and heads to his or her planned destination, planning to return home several hours later. Instead of being greeted by the individual, though, the family members are greeted with news that their loved one has died in a car wreck. The family naturally may experience a combination of grief and shock, but they also might be angry if they discover that the person who reportedly caused the accident was driving in a reckless manner. Money cannot restore the life of a beloved victim who has died in a crash, but it certainly can help his or her family members to feel that some sense of justice has been served.

Details of truck accident become clear as investigation continues

When Virginia residents hear about accidents involving large commercial vehicles such as dump trucks and 18-wheelers, they don't often assume that the driver of one of these large vehicles was killed in the crash. In a truck accident between a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle, that could be true. However, when the accident is between two large commercial vehicles, the outcome may be different.

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