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Virginia child injured in collision between bicycle, pickup

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2014 | Car Accidents

When pulling out of a parking lot or driveway, most Virginia drivers assess the flow of traffic in order to determine when they can safely pull out onto the road. However, it is more than the motor vehicle traffic that drivers need to pay attention to in this situation. Pedestrians and bicycle riders are likely to be present in these areas, and drivers owe a duty of reasonable care with respect to them as well.

Recently, the driver of a pickup truck was pulling out of a parking lot as a bicycle rider was approaching the same spot. As the truck began to enter the roadway, the bicycle collided with the front quarter panel on the passenger side of the truck. Officials say the driver remained at the scene.

Emergency medical personnel believed the Virginia juvenile suffered injuries that could be considered life-threatening. The victim — a young boy — was rushed to an area hospital. Fortunately, further assessment of the child’s injuries revealed that a full recovery is possible. It was reported that no charges were filed the day of the incident. No further details regarding the accident or the investigation were released at that time.

Even though the victim may make a full recovery, medical expenses were incurred and could continue to be incurred if any additional care will be needed upon the rider’s release from the hospital. A personal injury claim could be filed on the victim’s behalf, seeking payment of financial damages sustained. If the pickup truck driver is found to have either caused or contributed to the injuries suffered in this collision, the court may award monetary damages that could help defray any costs incurred as a result.

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