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What to do if you are denied workers’ compensation in Virginia

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

All employees in Virginia are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they have sustained a workplace injury. Unfortunately, many times, employers deny these benefits to workers, who eventually have to file a legal claim in order to obtain compensation for medical and other bills generated as a result of the injury. All too often, the process of filing a workers compensation claim is adversarial and difficult.

The lawyers in our law firm have gained years of expertise in this area of the law by helping injured workers gain compensation for personal injuries resulting from industrial accidents. If you have sustained injury due to exposure to toxic workplace chemicals or suffered injury on a construction site, federal and state laws entitle an injured worker to receive fair compensation for medical expenses and wages lost.

Practical and timely advice from our legal representatives will help resolve compensation issues in a shorter amount of time than attempting to address the claim on your own. Many workers are unaware of just what to do first in this complex process and what steps are involved in filing a claim. Talking to an expert will remove the uncertainty and stress often associated with these kinds of claims.

The employer who denies a workers’ compensation claim from a seriously injured worker adds to the severity of that worker’s pain and suffering. A legal representative can gather the necessary information and successfully present all of these details in court if an employer expects a worker to resume employment before a doctor recommends or has denied wages for the days during which a worker was unable to work due to injury.

Legal advice is recommended, especially for complex workers’ compensation claims. To present the most accurate situation, an injured worker must provide a complete medical history, previous injuries and a complete employment history with the current employer. For more information about workers’ compensation, please check out our website. You may find the information to be valuable.