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All you need to know about car accident reporting in Virginia

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause severe injuries to the accident victim. The victim of the car accident, as well as the victim’s family, may have the legal right to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the car driver who caused the accident and his or her insurance company. The compensation and justice may help the accident victim and the victim’s family to deal with the pain and suffering and injuries caused. The authorities at the scene of the accident usually conduct a thorough accident investigation and prepare a detailed report of the accident.

The car accident victim’s attorney generally conducts a separate in-depth investigation into the car accident in order to prove that the car accident and the injuries or fatality was the driver’s fault. The Department of Motor Vehicles will make the car accident investigation reports available to the victims, the victim’s family and the victim’s attorney.

The car accident investigation report made available by the DMV may include the details of the car accident, such as the time, location and date of the car accident, details of each car owner in the event of other car accidents, names and details of the injured victims, as well as the name and details of the eyewitnesses and investigating officers.

All parties involved in the car accident, along with their attorneys, can requisition the car accident investigation report. The list of people included in the report may be the car driver, the accident victim, the victim’s family, representatives of the driver’s car insurance company, a parent of the minor child who was involved in the car accident and any other person who was authorized by the court because of his or her involvement in the car accident.

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