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Nursing home neglect or abuse may lead to suicide in Virginia

The elderly make up the largest segment of nursing home population and, as a general rule, need a lot more medical care on an average basis compared to their younger counterparts. Sometimes spending time in a nursing home may aggravate a patient's condition instead of curing it. In extreme cases, nursing home residents who have suffered years of abuse while living in a nursing home might feel compelled to take their own lives due to the psychological stress, abuse and neglect meted out by nursing home staff.

WCC provides disabled workers the right to seek benefits

Virginia employers are legally required to provide workers' compensation benefits which function as a contingency insurance plan to address compensating a worker who is severely injured while on the job. Often workers find themselves at a disadvantage trying to prove their need for workers' compensation when pitted against an employer's legal heavyweights who want to prove that the worker's injury was not sustained during the course of employment but may be a pre-existing injury or medical condition not covered by workers compensation.

Can Virginia driver monitoring prevent large-truck accidents?

Several truck accidents in Virginia have prompted the authorities and the general public to demand that trucks drivers be monitored more rigorously. Since truck drivers are commercial drivers, authorities are making the laws that apply to them stricter than the ones that apply to other drivers in Virginia. Trucks can also be responsible for devastating accidents due to their size and the impact that a truck can have on other vehicles. Surprisingly, lately, trucking companies have fallen off of the state authorities' radar when it comes to keeping the streets safe.

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