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Two workers fall 40 feet during Danville steam plant demolition

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

It is undeniable that working in the construction industry is one of the most inherently dangerous jobs in the United States. A recent incident in Danville, Virginia, where two people were seriously injured, once again highlights the risks associated with construction jobs.

The unfortunate incident occurred on a recent morning during the demolition of the Brantley Steam Plant. According to news reports, two workers, who were working at a height of approximately 40 feet, fell through the roof of the steam plant. Firefighters who responded to the scene of the workplace accident said that the victims were transported to Danville Regional Medical Center in serious condition.

In the event of workplace accidents such as this, the victim not only has to endure the pain and suffering caused by the injuries, but also sustains other damages, such as the loss of pay and benefits at work. In addition to physical agony and financial stress, a serious workplace accident may also result in temporary or permanent disability, the consequences of which can be more severe.

Fortunately, those who suffer workplace injuries are usually eligible for compensation under the Virginia’s workers’ compensation program. However, claiming compensation may not be an easy task, as a claim needs to be backed with a plethora of reports and other documentation, which can oftentimes be a difficult task for the victim and family members to collect, especially when the victim is not in ideal health.

Considering such complications, it can be helpful to get more information about the workers’ compensation process. If authorities deny the claim, it may be important to collect all the necessary evidence to file an appeal.

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