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A truck accident doesn't have to ruin your finances

As most Virginia drivers have probably noticed, commercial truck drivers sometimes drive recklessly across the state. These truckers operate their vehicles while distracted, tired, or intoxicated, and they oftentimes speed, abruptly change lanes, and follow too closely. Many times, thanks to defensive driving on the part of other motorists, these truck drivers do these things without incident. They may scare other drivers, but no real harm is done. However, in some situations, these negligent truckers cause serious accidents.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents

Commercial trucks travel across Virginia every day. And, while on the road, these trucks pose a serious safety hazard to other vehicles, especially smaller cars. These big rigs are so huge that even the slightest error can cause a major truck accident. In many situations, these wrecks could have been avoided if better precautions had been taking. Negligent driving is often behind many of the common causes of truck accidents.

What is distracted driving?

Many Virginia drivers understand that they face many dangers while on the road. There are natural dangers like inclement weather or inhospitable terrain, but, there are also man-made dangers like drunk and distracted driving. In today's technology driven world, people often hear about one of these dangers: distracted driving. In fact, Virginia residents are told that a distracted driver can easily cause a car accident. But, people may not actually understand what this all means. In other words -- what is distracted driving?

Measures to reduce alcohol-related car accidents

Car accidents oftentimes lead to serious injuries. This harm may result in broken bones, including those fractures that can cause external and internal bleeding. Car accident victims may also suffer from spinal cord, neck injuries, and brain damage. Tragically, many car accidents in the country, including those in the Commonwealth of Virginia, are wholly preventable as they are caused by people who are driving under the influence.

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