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Employers responsible for medical treatment in Virginia

Workplace accidents can happen very quickly. It doesn't take much for people to make a mistake and for an accident to occur. However, many workplace accidents are minor. Many people may not even think about the accident after it happens. However, there are situations where more serious workplace accidents occur. In these cases, people can be seriously injured as a result of the accident.

Are there notice requirements for Virginia workers' compensation?

A workplace accident can happen to a Virginia employee without any notice. These accidents can leave employees with serious injuries. While medical treatment should be the first thing on a person's mind after a serious workplace accident, there are other considerations that need to come into play.

Don't let a car accident change your life

Many of our readers may think that it is easy to see who is at fault after a car accident, and to determine why the accident occurred. However, for those who have been involved in a car accident, they know that this can be the furthest thing from the truth. Car accidents can be complex, emotional, physical and legal events.

Understanding the dangers of distracted driving

While motorists across Virginia and other states in the nation understand what it means to drive safely, some drivers fail to uphold this duty. This happens when a driver is intoxicated, speeds, is reckless or is distracted while driving. While distracted driving might seem to be a lesser danger than drinking and driving or traveling recklessly down the roadways, distracted driving is a major and growing hazard on the roads.

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