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Safety tips to mitigate the hazards of nighttime driving

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Car Accidents

Evenings in Virginia herald the coming of night when safety hazards on the road increase. Starting at dusk, visibility declines, especially for older drivers. With reduced visibility, the potential of striking another vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist or animal increases. The National Safety Council has developed advice meant to provide drivers with strategies for staying safe after dark.

In general, people should slow down at night and give themselves extra distance behind vehicles. The evening hours represent a time when people are more inclined to drink alcohol. Drivers should drive more defensively at night and stay alert for unexpected actions from other drivers. According to the council, fatal accidents occur most often on weekend nights.

To improve nighttime visibility, the council recommends that people maintain headlights and brake lights properly. Headlights should be turned on an hour before the sun sets. Drivers should follow best practices to limit the effect of nighttime glare on their eyes. People should focus on the right side of the road so that the lights of oncoming traffic do not blind them. A clean windshield will also prevent glare that can limit vision.

Despite the best efforts of responsible drivers, accidents still happen, and they are sometimes the result of negligence. Drunk or distracted drivers might incur liability for the injuries of other people. A person hurt by someone acting recklessly could seek assistance from an attorney when pursuing damages. Legal representation might prompt an insurance company to offer an adequate settlement. When necessary, an attorney could gather evidence about the crash and prepare a lawsuit. This action might be necessary when someone suffered catastrophic injuries and requires a sizeable settlement. In addition to insurance coverage, an attorney might make a claim upon the private assets of a negligent driver.