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Different ways leaves can serve as road hazards

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Firm News

Autumn is one of the most gorgeous times of the year for most Virginians. The weather is not too hot like summer, not too cold like winter and the way leaves change colors can be breathtaking.

However, those same leaves are some of the biggest driving obstacles during this time of year. They may seem small and harmless, but when you have so many of them together and they fall onto the street or your car, they can present a serious risk to you and the other motorists on the road.

Wet leaves

Whether it’s from the morning humidity or overnight rain, few leaves that land on the road end up dry. Unfortunately, these wet leaves are almost equivalent to driving on snow or ice. They are slick and difficult to steer or break on and often gather near the ends of roads where you tend to turn. Additionally, they can cover up important parts of the road like potholes or white and yellow lines to give you a false sense of where to go. Virginia rural areas with forests should be especially careful on their one lane roads.

Car damage

In the summer, you typically park behind a tree to get a little shade so you wouldn’t have a boiling interior on your way home. Now that the air is cooler, try to stay away from parking spots with trees right next to them. If they fall on your car, not only do they block your windshields, but they can also leave significant damage to your paint job and drains if you do not remove them immediately.

A pretty distraction

As we mentioned, fall is a visually lovely time of year. You feel almost tempted to stop and pull over just to get a view of some trees. You need to keep in mind that some residents and tourists actually do that. If they are not slowing down to drive cautiously on wet leaves, then they might be getting a better look at some nearby branches. As gorgeous as Virginia’s trees are around this time of year, you need to keep your eyes on the road to avoid distracted drivers and getting distracted yourself.

Given how summer and winter are the seasons most associated with car accidents, many motorists underestimate the hazards present on the roads during autumn. If someone crashes into you out of inexperience or negligence for this time of year, an attorney can help you acquire coverage for serious personal injuries.