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You can hold a distracted driver liable for a car accident

Distracted driving is quickly emerging as a major problem on Virginia roads. With more and more Virginians owning smart phones over the last few years, the increase of texting and driving is substantial and an ongoing problem. While texting and driving, a driver can quickly lose focus and cause a car accident. It is important for a driver to maintain their focus while on the roads. The driver should particularly exercise caution when approaching a pedestrian or bicyclist. If a driver has a pet or a child in the car, the animal or child should be safely secured.

Sawdust at sawmill traps and kills man in pickup truck

Few, if any, workers go to the job expecting a workday to be their last day alive. Even so, death on the job is a sudden and horrific reality for hundreds of Americans every year. In Virginia, workers are injured every day because of unsafe working conditions. For this reason, workplace safety is a primary concern for the state as well as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Department of Labor, both of which have issued guidelines that every employer must follow to ensure the workplace is safe and workers are protected from physical and psychological trauma.

All you need to know about car accident reporting in Virginia

Car accidents can cause severe injuries to the accident victim. The victim of the car accident, as well as the victim's family, may have the legal right to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the car driver who caused the accident and his or her insurance company. The compensation and justice may help the accident victim and the victim's family to deal with the pain and suffering and injuries caused. The authorities at the scene of the accident usually conduct a thorough accident investigation and prepare a detailed report of the accident.

We help resolve workers' compensation claims in Virginia

Most employers in Virginia are required to provide workers' compensation insurance by law. Workers' compensation is a form of self-insurance by the employer that ensures that all workers injured in a workplace accident or incident can apply for and received workers' compensation payments. Attorney Carter Craig has represented many injured Virginia workers to help these injured employees receive the benefits owed them.

The consequences of drunk driving in Virginia

A law in Virginia states that the act of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or above violates the law. Virginia law has strict measures to deter drivers from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, because drunk driving accidents can take a huge toll on a victim's life, often leading to catastrophic injuries or even a fatality.

How Virginia courts calculate damages for wrongful death

If a person dies due to another person's negligence or misconduct, Virginia laws provide surviving members of the victim's family the right to file a lawsuit against the person at fault. If family members of the deceased succeed in proving their claim in court, they may be paid damages by the defendant.

How Alternative Dispute Resolution helps Virginia's workers

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a holistic approach adopted by Virginia to facilitate better communication between workers and employers in the event of workplace accidents. It can be an effective alternative to litigation for resolving workers' compensation issues.

Benefits covered by workers' compensation in Virginia

When an employee suffers injury or illness because of work-related activities, that worker and family members must address a number of difficulties. To address those concerns, the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission offers certain benefits to disabled workers. To access these benefits, an injured worker must file a separate claim with the VWCC, in addition to any payments or settlements made by the employer or the insurance claim administrator.

What to do if you are denied workers' compensation in Virginia

All employees in Virginia are entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they have sustained a workplace injury. Unfortunately, many times, employers deny these benefits to workers, who eventually have to file a legal claim in order to obtain compensation for medical and other bills generated as a result of the injury. All too often, the process of filing a workers compensation claim is adversarial and difficult.

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