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Speed limiters for trucks proposed to reduce truck fatalities

According to the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of truck fatalities rose 4.1 percent from 2014 to 2015 in the United States. The NHTSA reported that 2014 had the highest number of truck fatalities since 2008. Due to the increase in fatalities involving large trucks, there have been many discussions and debates about what steps the federal government should make to deal with this issue.

Operation Safe Driver Week scheduled to begin on Oct. 16

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles claim the lives of thousands of road users , and most of these accidents in Virginia and around the country are caused by driver behavior, according to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance coordinates the safety initiatives of the private sector with the regulatory and enforcement efforts of federal, state and provincial government agencies, and one of the nonprofit organization's most effective campaigns is its annual Operation Safe Driver Week.

6 mistakes to avoid if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident

When a person gets into a car accident, there is the potential for serious injury. If you have been injured in a car accident or trucking accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Make sure that you avoid the following six mistakes after a car or trucking accident:

Responding to a truck accident takes experience and skill

Truck accidents are frequent occurrences on Virginia roadways. Commercial trucks can often be seen carrying commercial goods from place to place. As this happens, many truck drivers rush to make their deliveries on time. This pressure can cause them to be careless with safety precautions, ignore adverse roadway and weather conditions and otherwise drive negligently. Under such conditions, it is easy for truck drivers to cause a serious accident.

Are there weight limitations for trucks on Virginia roads?

When a person is on a Virginia roadway, they may see a variety of different types of vehicles. Each of these vehicles has the right to be on Virginia roadways, in most cases. However, the state of Virginia has enacted many regulations that control what types of vehicles can be on the roadways. These regulations help to keep individuals safe from traffic accidents.

Causes of rollover truck accidents

There are many different causes to truck accidents. Is important to investigate the cause of a truck accident to determine who was at fault. If a truck driver or truck company was at fault for causing an accident, then truck accident victims may be entitled to compensation. One type of devastating truck accident is rollover accidents. Rollover accidents are common with trucks because of their high center of gravity. Danville residents may not be aware that there are many different reasons why these rollover accidents occur.

Distracted driving prevention for commercial truck drivers

Commercial trucks can be dangerous to other drivers. Even in minor truck accidents, people can suffer serious injuries. Truck accidents are oftentimes caused by negligent truck drivers. Truck drivers can engage in a variety of dangerous behavior that put others at risk. One such type of behavior is distracted driving.

A truck accident doesn't have to ruin your finances

As most Virginia drivers have probably noticed, commercial truck drivers sometimes drive recklessly across the state. These truckers operate their vehicles while distracted, tired, or intoxicated, and they oftentimes speed, abruptly change lanes, and follow too closely. Many times, thanks to defensive driving on the part of other motorists, these truck drivers do these things without incident. They may scare other drivers, but no real harm is done. However, in some situations, these negligent truckers cause serious accidents.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents

Commercial trucks travel across Virginia every day. And, while on the road, these trucks pose a serious safety hazard to other vehicles, especially smaller cars. These big rigs are so huge that even the slightest error can cause a major truck accident. In many situations, these wrecks could have been avoided if better precautions had been taking. Negligent driving is often behind many of the common causes of truck accidents.

Truck accident in Virginia kills 18-year-old woman

When two vehicles collide and one of those vehicles is much larger than the other, the consequences of that collision can be very serious for the occupants of the smaller vehicle. That is a major reason why many truck accidents are devastating. In many cases, the accident was either caused by the truck driver's negligence or the improper maintenance of the truck by the trucking company. Fortunately, victims of truck accidents can hold those drivers and companies liable for the damages.

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