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Distracted drivers cause thousands of accidents each year

Distracted driving is a major problem on Virginia roads and across the United States. Although many people may think teen drivers are to blame, older drivers can also be guilty of distracted driving.

Drunk driving still a major problem on Virginia roads

The act of driving after drinking is a decision that people make every day in Virginia. This decision can be deadly for the driver and for other people on the road. Across the United States a drunk driver causes a drunk driving accident every two minutes. In Virginia, there are over 5,800 crashes each year caused by a drunk driver. Over 200 of those accidents cause a death. These deaths and injuries are entirely preventable.

Woman charged with Danville bus crash

Danville school buses are almost always the safest way for children to get to school. Students riding a bus are 50 times more likely to arrive safely at school then if they drove themselves or got a ride. Unfortunately, bus accidents still occur like a recent car accident that occurred in Danville.

We can help with your workers' compensation claims

Recently, we discussed how Virginia's workers' compensation insurance can help Virginia workers who are injured by workplace accidents on the job. Workers' compensation can help injured workers when they are unable to work by providing for their medical bills, lost wages, retraining, compensation for a permanent disability and benefits to surviving family members if an employee is killed on the job. These benefits can be a major advantage for an injured employee and allow the worker to focus on recovery after the workplace accident.

An overview of Virginia's Workers' Compensation

Virginia residents enjoy a wonderful quality of life and lots of good jobs. Most jobs provide a safe working environment, free of hazards. But, workplace accidents do occur. When they occur, workers' compensation can help injured employees with their financial needs.

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