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What to do if you are denied workers' compensation in Virginia

All employees in Virginia are entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they have sustained a workplace injury. Unfortunately, many times, employers deny these benefits to workers, who eventually have to file a legal claim in order to obtain compensation for medical and other bills generated as a result of the injury. All too often, the process of filing a workers compensation claim is adversarial and difficult.

Worker's compensation claims and disputes in Virginia

Workers in Virginia who are exposed to hazardous work environments may fall victim to workplace accidents. Oftentimes, these work-related injuries occur during working hours and drive low-wage workers deeper into poverty, pushing the workers into economic hardship. Workers in Virginia are entitled to file a claim for worker's compensation benefits under the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act if they are injured on the job.

Two killed in drunk-driving accident

Even though Virginia motorists are well-aware of the serious consequences of drunk driving and distracted driving, many cases of drunk driving accidents with resulting personal injury or wrongful deaths are still being reported. In a recent case, a 29-year-old female alleged drunk driver was charged in connection with a car accident that killed two motorcyclists.

Injured Workers Suffer as "Reforms" Limit Workers Compensation Benefits

Injured worker benefits are being reduced while employers cut their costs and insurance company profits increase. State laws govern the benefits, and those benefits can vary tremendously for similar injuries occurring in neighboring states. Read and hear about these inequities at these Propublica and NPR sites: