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Causes of rollover truck accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Truck Accidents

There are many different causes to truck accidents. Is important to investigate the cause of a truck accident to determine who was at fault. If a truck driver or truck company was at fault for causing an accident, then truck accident victims may be entitled to compensation. One type of devastating truck accident is rollover accidents. Rollover accidents are common with trucks because of their high center of gravity. Danville residents may not be aware that there are many different reasons why these rollover accidents occur.

According to data, speed is one of the biggest contributing factors to causing rollover accidents. In some studies, up to 45 percent of crashes involving a truck rollover were caused by speed. Excessive speed can make it difficult for truck drivers to slow down when necessary.

A driver’s inattention is also frequently a contributing factor to rollover truck accidents. Inattention can include drivers that are too sleepy to pay attention to the roadways and drivers that were distracted while driving. Failing to properly control the truck has also led to many truck rollover accidents. Issues with control can include overcorrection, poor steering, poor maneuvers and brake locking. These may be caused by an inexperienced driver.

Finally, issues with the truck can also cause these types of accidents. Brake malfunction, overloading, tire failure and others can all lead to serious rollover accidents.

Accident victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries if a negligent driver — such as one that was too sleepy to be on the road — caused the accident. Likewise, if a negligent truck company cause contributed to the accident, victims may also be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help individuals understand when a personal injury suit might be right for them.