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Holding Trucking Companies Accountable For Your Injuries

Since tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks and vehicles are large, heavy and often loaded down with weighty cargo, they can pose a danger to other vehicles on the roads. Collisions with smaller cars and motorcycles can be extremely devastating, leaving drivers and passengers seriously injured.

Trucking companies also devote substantial resources to defeating personal injury claims. For more than 60 years, lawyers with Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, have represented tractor-trailer accident victims in Danville and throughout Southside Virginia. Our lawyers can level the playing field and protect your rights and interests.

We Address Every Detail

It is important to contact experienced attorneys like ours as soon as possible after an accident. They will immediately get to work investigating the details of your accident to determine what went wrong. We work with medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, rehabilitation experts and economists to build the strongest possible case on your behalf and ensure we have an accurate assessment of your future needs.

While we cannot guarantee results, below are a few of the sizable verdicts and settlements we have recovered on behalf of clients in accidents like these:
$4.5 million — Two-year-old passenger partially paralyzed in collision between automobile and tractor-trailer
$2.5 million — Death of a wage earner in a two-wage earner household following collision of automobile and tractor-trailer
$1 million — Death of a young mother in collision between automobile and tractor-trailer

Many trucking accidents involve violations of federal laws and safety regulations. Our lawyers review all applicable safety regulations — such as maintenance, load size, driver sobriety and limits on driver hours — to determine whether the trucking company and driver were in compliance. Failure to comply with safety regulations can be a sign of negligence that can be beneficial during settlement negotiations or a jury trial.

Get the Help You Need Today

To learn more about how our firm compassionately and professionally handles truck accident cases while aggressively fighting for the compensation you deserve, call our lawyers today. Call us toll free at or or contact us online. Your consultation is always free, and you will never owe any fees if we cannot recover compensation for you.