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Juvenile believed responsible for Virginia head-on collision

Even when a Virginia driver diligently pays attention to the road and drives in a safe manner, no guarantee exists that he or she will not end up in an accident. It is nearly impossible to predict the behavior of other drivers. For instance, a driver recently involved in a head-on collision had no way of knowing the juvenile behind the wheel of the other car was going to lose control of his vehicle.

Virginia State Police investigate fatal car accident

The Virginia State Police are still conducting an investigation into the death of one woman and the serious injuring of another in a car wreck. So far, police have eliminated alcohol as a factor in the fatal car accident. However, no other information regarding what other factors may have contributed to this crash was provided.

Virginia car crash kills 2 -- cause under investigation

Sometimes, it seems as if no plausible reason exists for how an accident began. When that happens, it is up to law enforcement officials to attempt to determine what went wrong. Virginia State Police investigators are doing just that in connection with a fatal car crash that occurred on Feb. 6.

Seat belts make the difference in Virginia head-on collision

Virginia drivers are always being told that wearing seat belts can save lives. Despite this fact, some drivers still do not utilize this simple device that could mean the difference between life and death. A recent head-on collision illustrates this fact, since the only fatality in the crash was the driver who was not wearing his seat belt.

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