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Car accidents are common, dealing with them is not

Car accidents happen every day in Virginia. Sometimes they are random accidents that couldn't be prevented, sometimes they are caused by weather or road conditions and sometimes they are caused by negligent drivers. Despite their frequency, most Virginia residents don't have extensive experience dealing with car accidents and their aftermath. Or people only know how to respond to minor collisions. People may be involved in a fender bender, for example, but they may not know how to respond to a fatal or very serious car accident.

What rights do injured employees have?

Virginia workers work hard each day at their jobs. Most workplaces are safe and have effective workplace safety provisions in place. But, for some Virginia workers, workplace accidents occur that cause serious injuries and even death. For those workers who have been injured at their job, what rights do they have?

No Child Under 18 has the Right to Determine Which Parent has Custody

Parents seem to have a misconception that once a child turns a certain age, he or she can choose the parent with whom he or she wishes to live. We often hear, "my son or daughter is 12 years old and wants to live with me." Some parents, hearing such a remark, want to file a motion to amend an existing custody order based on the child's comment alone. However, a child, subject of a custody order, under age 18, can make no decision as to where he or she lives.

How to help prevent distracted driving

As we discussed last week, distracted driving is a major problem on our roads today in Virginia. With so many people now owning smart phones, the temptation to engage in distracted driving has never been stronger. There are some tips for drivers to help avoid distracted driving.

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